Would You Rather Have Sex or Score a Great Shopping Deal?

A new survey from Totsy.com indicates the choice isn't so easy for most moms!

Would You Rather Have Sex or Score a Great Shopping Deal?

A new survey from Totsy.com indicates the choice wouldn’t be so easy for most moms!

-April Daniels Hussar

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A new survey from Totsy.com (the private sale site exclusively dedicated to parents, babies and kids) reveals that most moms put shopping right up there with romantic date nights and eating guiltless chocolate!

The survey, which was Tosty’s first in a series of planned annual mom shopping trends surveys done in partnership with marketing-to-moms guru Maria Bailey, revealed a ton of captivating tidbits about moms and shopping, but for me the most intriguing bit of info was that most of the 1,930 moms surveyed are just as excited about scoring a great deal as they are about “date night.”

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That’s fascinating. I mean – hey, I can relate. There are definitely times when I’d rather be alone with my credit card, my laptop and a discount code than doing just about anything else. Throw some Toblerone into the mix … ahh, bliss.

So, it makes total sense then that almost 94 percent of moms admit to buying ‘feel good’ purchases for themselves at least a few times a year, with the most popular item being clothing, followed by sweet treats and accessories. However – and this is something else I can relate to – most moms says they are more likely to splurge on their kids than on themselves

So – to recap: Mamas love to shop and score deals – AS MUCH AS THEY LOVE DATE NIGHTS AND CHOCOLATE – but they buy more treats for their beloved children than themselves.

Food for thought!

A few of the other survey findings:

– One in two moms have shopped online with their kids as young as 6. (I in fact have done this, but I never really thought about the fact that I’m essentially teaching my daughter to be a shopper.)
– 86 percent of moms have used online / flash sale sites.
– Almost three out of four moms purchase products labeled “organic” or “natural”.

Tell us: Would you rather have a steamy date night, some incredible guilt-free chocolate, or score the ultimate online shopping deal?

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  1. I’m divorced and my two *kiddos* are furry{cats]. As a now single woman, I;ve had my fill of shopping-I’m a curvy woma, and don’t care to see the tons of polyester junk the stores are trying to pass off as fashionable. I’m in Florida, we need natural fibers, people/designers! I’ll take a hunky guy who likes me over another dreary shopping trip for ugly polyester blah-ness. Sex can come after the wedding…;-D

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